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Connecting the Paraverse was a half-day side-conference during Coindesk Consensus in Austin. The event focused on presenting use cases based on the Polkadot ecosystem and technology stack, highlighting cross-chain operability. 

Webzero introduced a new roundtable format that touched on cross-chain security risks and governance. The event had multiple projects from the Polkadot ecosystem presenting like Astar, Parity, Ordum, Unique, Sora, Zeitgeist, Gear, Crust, InVarch, Phala, KILT, StellaSwap, Oak, and also featured Near, Quai, Shapeshift and DiaData. After a content-driven afternoon, the attendees were also able to get together and network for a few hours with an open bar and snacks.

April 28th, The Line Hotel, Austin, TX

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